Learn how to create systemic
sustainable impact
Learn how to create systemic
sustainable impact
Learn how to create systemic
sustainable impact
Become a systemic change-maker Become a systemic change-maker Put yourself on the frontier
of sustainability knowledge
Put yourself on the frontier
of sustainability knowledge
Make a better future possible
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Become a systemic changemaker

We created Except Academy for your sustainability literacy and leadership capacity – what you need to help build a sustainable society.

Our courses teach you the power of systemic, integrated sustainability. You learn practical improvement methods that combine short-term advantages with long-term societal transition. Together we build a society that is sustainable in an environmental, social, physical, and economic sense.



We offer open registration courses for individuals, from half-day introduction sessions to deep learning programs for more advanced subjects. We also offer custom in-company and event training, as well as train-the-trainer programs.

Online courses


Symbiosis in Development (SiD)

We teach systemic sustainability and system design using our unique Symbiosis in Development (SiD) frameworkSiD provides practical and theoretical components to help you understand subjects such as circular economy, resilience design, systems thinking, and complexity thinking.


Watch the introduction video to understand the power of Symbiosis in Development and how we change complex understanding definitively

SiD Book

After 10 years of work, the first complete book on Symbiosis in Development (SiD) was launched: the Omnibus.

It is the first A to Z handbook for systemic sustainable development, capturing the experience of over 700 projects worldwide. It covers all aspects of the sustainable development process, from theory to practice, supported by dozens of examples and use cases, and over 100 unique hand-made illustrations and diagrams.

Read more on ThinkSiD.org Website.

What People Say

How early adaptors in systemic sustainability experienced SiD and the Except Academy

Willem van der Ven

Willem van der Ven

Senior Manager Development at Schiphol Real Estate

Except filled my mind with ideas and manages to create a cohesive concept based on input from so many different inputs. Collaboration with Except pays off.

Matthieu Leroy LinkedIn

Matthieu Leroy

Circular Economy entrepreneur

Except creates magic with a flexible and complementary team of experts in different fields. 


Andreas Wenger

Head of Institute for Interior Design and Scenography - FHNW Basel Switzerland

“SiD is the best method embracing the complexity in (system-) design for sustainability I ever experienced.”

Paul van de Sande LinkedIn

Paul van de Sande

Project manager at West Brabantse Waterlinie

Except is years ahead of other organizations… they are one of the pioneers in this area. Their capability in concept development, visualizing complex subjects, and vision is outstanding. ”

Marja Hamilton

Marja Hamilton

Project leader Self Supporting River Systems at RWS

SiD offers you a workable, holistic view on sustainability